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The GSMT drum polisher is designed for grinding, edge curvature, smoothing and polishing processes.

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Drum Polisher


Drum polishers can be used similarly to vibratory ones to perform the same finishing operations, only in rotating drums.


Engine - 230 V and 60 W motor for continuous operation. The drive from the engine is transmitted via a clutch to eliminate friction and tension as in a belt drive. There is no need to tighten the belt from time to time because there is no belt. This ensures very quiet operation. The driving shafts rotate in phenolic-fabric sliding bearings, which are very durable and have low friction resistance.


They are very good not only for polishing jewelry, but also for cleaning metals, steel and even cartrigde.

Tests carried out by one of our customers show that our polisher has a 3-liter drum with a 5 kg load. steel granulate balls, you can clean 150 pcs. of caliber 308 cartriges in 1 hour.

Our drums can be used for wet grinding and polishing in ceramic and resin shapes, in steel granules or in needles. Also dry in the so-called nut, coconut flakes and with very good results in leather waste, or other products of your own invention. The best operation in rotary drums of this size is when they are 2/3 full.


A good tumbling rule is: At least 10 parts by volume per piece of jewelry. Too many tumbled elements at the same time cause them to collide with each other and deteriorate the finishing process. The larger the drum diameter, the better and faster the processing, because the pressure of the charge on the workpieces is greater.


 The machine does not include a drum! The drum must be purchased separately.


Power supply: 230 V

Power: 0,6 kW

Weight w/o charge:  approx. 10 kg

Engine speed: 1300 rpm

Drum speed: 50 rpm

Engine operation: S1

Drum capacity: 6.5L

Dimensions: 450 x 210 x 130 mm (W x D x H)

Working chamber diameter: 200 mm

Working chamber depth: 200 mm

The kit includes:
  1. Drum polisher
  2. 6.5-liter drum 
  3. Plexi lid
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