• About US

The GSMT company was established in 1997, initially it dealt with the production of jewelery, then semi-finished products for the jewelery industry, and around 2007 it switched to the production of machines for vibro-abrasive processing (vibratory polishers)

Our products are intended mainly for the jewelry industry, but are also used in other companies for the processing of metals, stone, etc.

Vibrating polishers by GSMT are the most common devices in jewelery shops, amber workshops, as well as polishing plants for decorative and precious stones, but not only.

GSMT vibratory polishers are devices manufactured by our company in Poland.

They were invented and designed for small, medium and large companies that can use them for grinding, edge rounding, smoothing and polishing all kinds of elements that require it, in dry and wet processes.

All GSMT vibratory polishers can be equipped with a water circulation system, which includes:

A pump and a tank, creating a constant circulation, enabling wet work with the liquid washing out unnecessary elements from the sump to the tank.

In this process, ceramic and porcelain elements can be used in the process of polishing or restoring precious metal products and jewelery.

GSMT vibratory polishers with the "s" ending in the name are equipped with a (modulator) motor rotation inverter, which by adjusting the amplitude facilitates and speeds up the machining processes.