• Plastics processing liquid Dolfin KLF 1000gr

Usage: plastics, 3D prints, carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, ZnAl, non-ferrous metals, ceramics - cleaning, degreasing and polishing.

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Dolfin KLF liquid is a universal liquid that was developed for effective cleaning and degreasing of steel and ZnAl. However, thanks to its special formula, Dolfin KLF liquid can also be successfully used for processing 3D prints and polishing ceramics.

Thanks to its versatility and effectiveness, Dolfin KLF liquid is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and effective fluid for cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces, including steel and ZnAl. At the same time, its unique formula also enables professional and effective processing of 3D prints and polishing of ceramic surfaces.

Dolfin KLF liquid is a product that will certainly satisfy even the most demanding users, both in terms of effectiveness and ease of use. It also does not contain harmful chemicals, so it is environmentally friendly, which is especially important when used in industry.

For best results, dilute the liquid with water in a ratio of 1.5%-2% liquid to 98% water.

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