• Standing separator with sieves

The separator with replaceable sieves is very practical and effective device that allows easy and quick sieving of various types materials from vibratory machines. There is possibility to order dedicated replaceable sieves with chosen hole sizes - separator can be adjusted to individual needs and requirements.

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A separator with replaceable sieves is a device used to sift processinc materials and abrassive media.

It is equipped with replaceable sieves that have different hole sizes depending on your needs. Sieves with hole sizes from 4mm to 10mm every millimeter and from 10mm to 16mm every 2 millimeters ensure accurate sieving of materials of different grain sizes. If you need different size of holes in the sieve, a separator with dedicated replaceable sieves can be ordered.

In the separator workpiece is poured into a sieve that has rollers and then sieved  into the separator container by sliding movements. It is possible to drain the water, which facilitates the process of rinsing the treated material.

The separator includes a set of 10 sieves in sizes from 4mm to 10mm every millimeter, and from 10 to 16mm every 2 millimeters.

Separator dimensions:

Height: 60 cm

Width: 37 cm

Length 60 cm

Container dimensions:

Height 10 cm

Width 30 cm

Length 40 cm

Sieve dimensions:

Width 24 cm

Length 32 cm

Composition of the set:


Container on rollers 

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