• Vibrating polisher W1

The GSMT vibrating polisher is designed for grinding, edge curvature, smoothing and polishing processes.

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GSMT "W1" vibrating polisher with a bowl with a capacity of 1.5 liters is the smallest device we are producing.

It is designed for small businesses that can use it for grinding processes, curving edges,

smoothing and polishing all kinds of elements that require it in dry and wet processes - gold, silver, jewelry, stones, precious and base metals.

Process is based on vibrations - material with media moves in the bowl in such a wat that the media reaches every part of the material. This is very delicate process, much gentler than in drum/cascade polishers - even necklaces can be polished


All our devices can be equipped with a fluid circulation system supporting machining processes.

Vibrating Polisher "W1" is great for renewing (refreshing) jewelry in jewelry stores. For one process there comes max. 100 grams of the material.



  1. Power supply: 230 V
  2. Power: 0,025 kW
  3. Weight w/o charge:  approx. 5 kg
  4. Engine speed: 1410 rpm
  5. Engine operation: S1
  6. Bowl capacity: 1.5L
  7. Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 320 mm (W x D x H)
  8. Working chamber diameter: 200 mm

Quantity and filling of the bowl


Bowl type



Resin filling

Ceramic filling





1 kg

2 kg

~ 5 kg


The W1 polisher is intended for small businesses, jewelers and hobbyists,

who wants to process a small amount of material or renew (polish) jewelery.

The set includes:
Vibratory polisher
1.5L bowl
NOTE: The machine does not include a cover. If you need a cover, you will find it in the "Lids" category
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